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A dream of unfiltered air (2021)​

A dream of unfiltered air sprouted from a VR collaboration during a lockdown in 2020 with Elaine Bonavia. It blends the tangible sensations of domestic spaces, the captivating visuals of video game worlds, and the digitally mediated encounters with nature.

The work reflects on embodied experiences of controlled environments and contained capsuled ecosystems through the main protagonist, an avatar from Surviving Mars video game. This protagonist finds herself yearning for an experience of uncontrolled nature that increasingly feels unreal since her relocation to Mars in pursuit of a dream job at Amazon's Mars colony.

The work comprises HD video A dream (HD machinima, 1'17'') and video documentation of AR work Ttttttouch it. In addition, the incorporation of textile elements and deliberately hand sewn soft furnishings, which may elicit dust allergies or skin irritations, adds a tactile, interactive layer to the overall experience.


at Réseaux-mondes - Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)

(w/ the

Photo (left)- Letta Shtohryn

Photo (right) - Centre Pompidou/Bertrand Prévost



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