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A dream of unfiltered air

A dream of unfiltered air sprouted from a VR collaboration during a lockdown in 2020. It mixes the tactile experiences in domestic spaces, visual encounters in the video game worlds and digitally mediated experiences of nature. The work reflects on embodied experiences of controlled environments, assisted air supply, and contained capsuled ecosystems.
The work comprises video/AR elements A dream (HD machinima video 1'17'') and Ttttttouch it (a recorded video of AR work ) as well as textile elements and soft furnishings that provoke dust allergies or skin irritations. 


at Réseaux-mondes - Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)

(w/ the

Photo (left)- Letta Shtohryn

Photo (right) - Centre Pompidou/Bertrand Prévost

at Virtual Mixing
AP Valletta (MT)
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