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On 9th December 2018, Gerald Cotten, the CEO of Quadriga CX, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, dies. Cotten personally held the passwords to every customer's digital wallet, thereby rendering $190 million lost or missing. The mysterious death sparked a series of conspiracy theories and marked the beginning of an online hunt for the Truth.


This exhibition is an iteration of Cryptoheaven Letta Shtohryn's artistic speculation about the digital afterlife of Gerald Cotten. The second chapter of this work, Before They Delete This, is the result of a collaboration between the artist and curator Kat Zavada. Our collaborative speculation will look at Cotten through a bespoke methodological framework inspired by conspiracy theories.


We strongly recommend that you take the quiz: How prone to conspiracy theories are you? Based on the result, you will be redirected to the relevant exhibition page where you will get the full experience. The path to the Truth depends on you.

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