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Posted by u/Crypto_Bulldog


1 year ago


The suspicion behind the death of QuadrigaCX CEO


Is Gerald Cotten really dead? Is there even a cold storage? Mysterious past bonds with a convict and an anonymous Reddit user claiming to be "extremely close with the family". Cotten files a will just two weeks before death, gives everything to his wife. 

He left $100,000 for his two dogs, but forgot about 100,000 users in QuadrigaCX? 



4 points· 1 year ago

Yea sheer coincidence that this guy drafted a will 10 days before, traveled to a region known for fake deaths, his death involved the disappearance of hundreds of millions in crypto, everything has disappeared, this is in the crypto space (famous for exit scams), India is absolutely famous for how easy it is to bribe everyone...



• Posted by u/gotmygat

1 year ago

Today Gerald Cottan is dead.

But Gerald Cotten... Is alive. Nice try Gerry... Nice try India.

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