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1 year ago

Gerry's recent postings on that BHW account are really interesting

Deleting Disqus comments

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Need someone who can post on Reddit

---If you have multiple reddit accounts, and the ability to post from them using different proxies, etc. Please contact me. I have a bunch of reddit...

"Ernst and Young, who are doing the investigation have got their major breakthroughs from the theories they found on Reddit..."



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1 year ago

This is what I think happened.



This is my hypothesis on what I think happened.

-The CEO died 9th December.

-Irresponsible people inherited the cold storage crypto wallets.

-Because concurrency was dropping in price since late January 2018, the people that got access to the quadrigacx cryptocurrency thought they could sell it when it was dropping and re-buy the same quantity it after the price dropped to make a few millions of dollars.

-But unfortunately the price shot back up on december 15th and they couldn't re-buy the crypto they sold when the price was dropping.

-They waited another month to see if by miracle it would drop back down, but that ain't happening this year.


8 points· 1 year ago

no. this was planned long ago, including the "death". quadriga was having major problems way before fake death of the founder


1 point· 1 year ago

Looks like it’s the ceo that trading quadrigacx funds on other exchanges and lost everything.


5 points· 1 year ago

How does your theory reconcile with the fact that the cold storage wallets were empty since april

1 year ago

ceo isn't dead ! ! !


-2 points· 1 year ago· 

I guess answers where "I won't get my money back" aren't tolerated here.


The "CEO isn't dead" argument is simply your brain refusing to accept the fact that you lost all your money :(


0 points· 1 year ago

Or it was all planned and they knew when prices would go up. Maybe crypto was created for that since the very beginning. To make money.


don't forget, in his hastily drafted will he left 100 freaking millions to his Chihuahuas! this was planned, yo

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