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Now no longer - Now not yet
(2016/2019) 09'08"
Sound : Andrew Pace


This Eco-fi work delves into the lessons derived from the contrasting dynamics of convergent and divergent plate tectonics, aiming to gain a comparative insight into scale, earth time, and the geological memory archive preserved in sedimentary rocks.

Furthermore, the work focuses on the human scale and presence, regarding collective experiences as a powerful anchor to the present. It perceives the present moment as fluid, with the potential to unfold in various directions, seamlessly bridging the interval between "now no longer" and "now not yet."

Shown at
Spazju Kreattiv (MT);
SIM gallery, Reykjavik (IC)

Performers :
Letta Shtohryn, Faisal SadeghKarlem Sivira, Hugo MantellatoLaura HegartyAntony Plasse

ICL filming and SIM residency, Reykjavik, IC was supported by Arts Council Malta Travel Grant


at 06050506,

Spazju Kreattiv. National centre for creativity, Valletta (MT)


Photo (top): Elisa von Brockdorff

Photo (right and left): Rocio Garcia Torres

© Letta Shtohryn 2023
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