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Ritual crossover (2019)​

The work explores human non-human labour combination and its utilisation in spiritual rituals. It looks at the service of house purification provided by healers in eastern Europe and Mediterranean and imagines its collaboration with automation. 

In this work the healers would rely on automation to perform the most repetitive task of house purification, which is drawing sacred patterns with incense within and around a building. The work imagines an eventual takeover of this spiritual job by machines. As the machines learned the rituals of humans, they would pull the information about a specific type of ceremony from the internet. Being confused by the multitude of conflicting beliefs, the machine would perform a random selection of rites. They would build a data set compiled of the cross-section of the most viewed spiritual practices in youtube while indirectly employing human content creators to perform rituals for the humans carried out by the machines. 


Shown at:

Gabriel Caruana Foundation, MT

Floor cleaning robot, mobile phone;

Single channel video 9 min; mobile speaker;

incense sticks; silver cloak; broom.

Performance 15 min

Images : Elisa von Brockdorff

Video : Andrew Pace

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