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Seems at home

Seems at home addresses a chance of life evolving on another planet. Together with other works in space the works are a cross-pollination of meanings between science and magic exploring the lifeforms evolving on another planet. In Seems at home the materials that the Perseverance Mars rover is made from – titanium and aluminium – are interpreted using the chart of planetary magical metal correspondences. It suggests a kind of alchemy where chance together with the alignment of planets and metals might play a role in life evolving from the organisms we left behind without being observed by humans. This possibility is not improbable as proven by a robust earthly life form – the spores of Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 that have been subjected to 1.5 year-long tests and are shown to withstand harsh environments including UV radiation and vacuum, meaning they could survive a trip to Mars.


Colour print on aluminium 160cm x 140cm.

Photo – Audrey Rose Mizzi/ Spazju Kreattiv 
images below – Seems at home, details.

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