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Developed at Ars Electronica FOUNDING LAB's Collective Uterus workshop with Charlotte Jarvis and Dr. Patricia Saragueta. This video is a part of a larger installation that explores collective and individual care and the future of reproduction. It features contributions from lab members about their modes of care via audio and visually explores my view on an aspect of care - machinic care and machinic reproduction.
In this video, examining Charlotte and Patricia’s chalice and the Bio lab’s “cells nurturing” unit with LIDAR scanner, I considered looking as a form of care and also machinic care’s potential equality with human care. I explore the prejudice against it in society, as reflected through film and popular culture.


Shown at
Founding Lab exhibition, Post City

Ars Electronica 2023, Linz AT


Lois. Monstrous encounters

CGI world + avatars (MoCap live stream data)

The project examines underground spaces as realms of the monstrous

but also as shelters that host the human-environment co-mutations underground.

Performance excerpt 02'35''

Full performance 10'05''
(Remote Mocap Live stream from UK + NYC + MT to UK )

with dancers
Lena Wolfe (NYC), Florinda Camilleri(MT) and Bekka Heathcote (UK)

Created at
iths Mocap Streamer residency

Shown at
St James Hatcham Building
ldsmiths, University of London,

Life on Mars might not want to be found

By drawing inspiration from urban legends, ghost stories, and extraordinary experiences associated with the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum neolithic site, this project constructs a speculative map of encounters with other-than-humans, delving into the notion of agency. The work looks at encounters between different life forms, spanning the domains of science and magic, traversing epochs, extinction events, and non-human archives.

Shown part of a group show
Such stuff as worlds are made on (Valletta, MT)


Seems at home addresses a chance of life evolving on another planet. By combining the alignment of planets with the interpretation of metals, the work attempts to predict whether life can evolve from the organisms we may have inadvertently left behind through our machines. This possibility has been demonstrated by the spores of Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032, which shown in 1.5-year-long tests the ability to survive a journey to Mars. However, the question remains: can they also survive and evolve on Mars? Only planet charts can tell.

Part of installation Life on Mars might not want to be found
at Such stuff as worlds are ma
de on, Spazju Kreattiv, MT.

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 11_edited.png
Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 11_edited.png

This work is part of Life on Mars might not want to be found installation and examines the human quest for extraterrestrial life and how our search is constrained by an Earth-centric definition of life. čyyiioo speculates about forms of life that elude our imagination and considers the possibility of life evolving on Mars, potentially influenced by our own contamination via the deployment of our machines.

Part of installation Life on Mars might not want to be found
at Such stuff as worlds are made on, Spazju Kreattiv, MT.

HD machinima video 1'17''

The work reflects on embodied experiences of controlled environments and contained capsuled ecosystems through the main protagonist, an avatar from Surviving Mars video game. This protagonist finds herself yearning for an experience of uncontrolled nature that increasingly feels unreal since her relocation to Mars in pursuit of a dream job at Amazon's Mars colony.


Shown at

(w/ the at
Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)

Forever too much, too much forever

(w/ the at Nuit Blanche at Paris, (FR)

Virtual Mixing

at AP, Valletta (MT) (w/ Elaine Bonavia)

This work investigates the alleged death of Crypto Exchange CEO Gerry Cotten via speculative forensics of a video game Sims 4, reddit posts archive and corresponding memes.  
Crypto heavens and crypto havens as places where “deceased” CEOs go. Gerald Cotten’s remarkable ability to be both alive and dead in the mind of the redditors transforms him into a Schrödinger’s quantum phenomenon. Leaving a space for speculation on whether Cotten can be found in the cloud of afterlife or in a safe haven with a new identity mixed in between digital nomads, whose life in the video consists of aimlessly filling their time with self care between crypto price jumps. 

Beforetheydeletethis was commissioned by Kat Zavada.

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at
Gradient Background

Ritual crossover


Floor cleaning robot,
4” mobile phone;

Single channel video, HD 9'00" min; 
Mobile speaker;

Incense sticks; silver cloak; broom.

Performance 15 min

Shown at:

Gabriel Caruana Foundation,

The Mill, MT


Materials :

9 single channel videos 8 min 12 sec

Sims 4, burned sim, panicked sim

Algorithmic Oracle attempts to grasp multiple realities at the same time while imagining alternative outcome to an IRL event of a house fire.  After the player makes two actions - light fire, sleep (same action that caused fire IRL); Sim3 is left to it's own devices to create a series of what-if scenarios via it's probability distribution algorithm.
The artist-player controls camera only. The game is then unsaved and the scenario starts again, providing about 60 different outcomes so far. 

2nanotech fiber_edited.jpg

AIR WRO residency showcase
@Tetno, Wroclaw, PL

The residency was supported by
Valletta18 foundation, Arts council Malta and AirWRO.

Textile Memory explores garments as vessels of personal and collective memories. During the project Wroclaw residents were interviewed about their attachment to special garments, which exposed historical eras of the city through diachronic threads of displacement, instability, political oppression and through times of recovery. The attachment to garments was contrasted to the clothes found in fast fashion industry - the a-historic, forgettable pieces but also how can textile-memory can be projected to smart wearables. Asking what is the place for the body-fabric co-memory in relation to smart garments,  that store data with or without consent.


HD machinima video 5'57''

Commissioned by:

Rhythms of vision

The work is a story of a self-exile from the home world, that undergoes a process of Unworlding. The video explores one woman's desire to escape the not-yet-dismantled patriarchal order of her native lands. Later developing into a suspicion that she was sent to the moon for her not to disturb the patriarchy. The work looks at exile, hope, utopic dreams, communal rituals of care as equipment for the journey into the unknown. 

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