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Omar/Michael did it. Jen did it. They both did it. Alex did it. Gerry is Alex actually. Has anyone met Alex? 



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1 year ago

maybe she has the password, she was his backup, which might not be great opsec but it would be less surprising than there being no backup plan.


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Omar and Jerry met at a crypto gathering and hatched the idea for the exchange. Jerry's contribution was his expertise/helping to run the exchange and Omar funded the venture. In my opinion, there's no way Omar footed the bills without having total access... Whatever the case, you can bet he had access to everything.  

 I would add one more possible answer to the question, "What really happened to Cotton?" and that is someone murdered him by putting arsenic in his food in India. Crohn's is the perfect cover for that method and the details of his death read like a symptom list for arsenic poisoning. His murder or fake death served so many purposes that an unplanned or natural death is the least likely scenario.

arsenic, you say


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If you wanna find Gerald, follow the breadcrumbs, his parents.


QuadrigaCX ALEX knows what is going on!


3 months ago

So, another bull run and more people getting rich off our crypto. You are telling me, the lead programmer Alex who handled everything from emails to payment didn't know a thing what was going on? He was always on top of emails, payments and was very pro active and now all of a sudden, he gets a free pass from all of the shenanigans that went on?

I'm sorry, but this is absolute B.S. and I can't believe nobody is behind bars yet. Where's the justice here?

p.s. Not your keys not your crypto guys can stick a fork in it, robbery is robbery.


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Omar Dhanani (aka Michael Patryn) is likely Indian and probably has hitmen in India.

If Gerry is dead (very small possibility with current information), he probably got his food poisoned by this criminal's hitmen.


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The more I learn about Patryn/Dhanani, the more I think this is a legitimate possibility. If it's foul play, you also have to ask if the wife was working with Patryn to pull it off.

Marble Surface


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I would like to add a few points as an Indian Crypto Enthusiast who randomly came across this news and researched about it.


  1. The photo shown as the "Orphanage" says the name of the town as "Venkatapuram", that kind of name is used in only towns of Southern India, while Jaipur(where this man claims to have died) is in Northern India.

  2. I searched the name of that town and, there indeed is a town by that name, however, it is 2300KMs away from Jaipur, and would take 40hours continuous driving to reach. Or, more likely, you will take a flight to Jaipur.

  3. Anyways, you can get such Orphanages build for about $20k. And, infact this guy did just that by using the services of this organization. You pay them $20k and they will construct the orphanage and give it your name. You don't even need to come to India. So, if you are stealing millions, then this is a good cheap alibi you can buy.

  4. Weirdly(Just a Trivia), when you search for "Venkatapuram", the first result in Google is that of a movie by the exact same name, and the movie is about a murder mystery. ....  And, the poster of the movie says "Not a Criminal.

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