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Letta Shtohryn (UA 🇺🇦 / EU) is an artist and researcher. She works predominantly with media art (CGI, VR, 3D modelling), sculpture and imagery. Her academic background is in Philosophy/Sociology (University of Vienna), Photography (Kunstschule Wien) and Digital Art (MFA/ UM). 
Letta is the founder of digital exhibition space/platform She is a recipient of Research Excellence Award from University of Malta and is currently a PhD candidate in Digital Arts.

 Artist Statement 

Letta Shtohryn investigates the intricate relationship between the physical and digital realms, employing extended reality (XR) as her medium. Through a posthumanist perspective, she examines the notion of embodiment, considering the presence of non-human life forms, machines, avatars, aliens, monsters, ghosts, and the intersecting realms, both visible and invisible, that they inhabit.

Her research often blends the historical and the contemporary, seeking connections between the bio-techno continuum of contemporary times and the early (pre)industrial practices of engaging with technology and the occult. Drawing inspiration from non-normative epistemologies, Letta explores the interconnectedness of factual and fictional storytelling by employing speculative investigations, world-building, and visual narratives as her methodologies. Furthermore, Letta's work delves into gender constructs and gender representations, as part of her identity is being a full-time woman. To create her works she utilised an array of tools including CGI environments, 3D sculpting and modelling, VR, AR, video, machinima, and imagery.


w/ Dimitris Mertzos, Julie-Michèle Morin​, Jul Schadauer, Marta Zgierska
IDSA x ARS Electronica Founding Lab Exhibition
At Post City, Ars Electronica 2023

Summer school + Fall term 
At IDSA ~ Ars Electornica ~ JKU
Linz, AT

Lois. Monstrous encounters. 

w/ Bekka Heathcote (UK), Florinda Camilleri (MT), Lena Wolfe (NYC)
Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer Residency showcase.
At Goldsmiths, Unive
rsity of London, UK
/ Online


A World History of Women Photographers

Publication contribution abt. work of Adelaide Anceschi (Conroy)
(Authors : Luce Lebart and Marie Robert)
Thames & Hudson, 2022

Such stuff as worlds are made on 
w/ Anna Dumitriu/Alex May, Bettina Hutschek, Antje Liemann, Dafne, Kornelia Remo Klokk,
Tabita Rezaire, Jenna Sutela, Rakel Vella+Jamie Barbara, Emanuel Polidano, Jacob Saliba 
Spazju Kreattiv, M

A dream of unfiltered air
at Réseaux-mondes (w/The, Centre Pompidou, Paris FR

A dream of unfiltered air (w/ at Nuit Blanche, Paris FR 

Avatars as companion species TheWrong.TV/ Canal180

Crypto H(e)aven 2.0 (w/Kat Zavada) >

Offshore bakery at Debatable Lands, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna AT

Algorithmic Oracle at Milan Machinima festival, Digital art week, Milan IT

Woman, Holding 
at Strangers in a strange lang, curated by Unfinished Art Space, Muza MT


An Area of some importance at Offsiteproject google maps residency

by Institute of Network Cultures, at Spazju Kreattiv MT

LisbonLQ1.jpeg at Zaratan Arte Contemporanea, Lisbon PT

Object, Objecc, Objetc
w/ Lisa Eurich and Katri Kempass at Spazju Kreattiv MT

Algorithmic Oracle at Vanity Projects, Miami USA

Little Hell Gate at Frieze Art Fair, New York USA

Dream Catcher at The Box at Phillips, New York USA

Textile Memory
AIRWRO residency showcase
(w/ Strefa Kultury Wrocław/Blitz Valletta residency exchange)
at Tętno, Wroclaw PL

Texts / About

Film School Lodz/ VN Lab
Erasmus XR Symposium
by VN LA

Language Games, Cryptocurrencies, and Simlish
by Gemma Fantacci​ @Milan Machinima Festival

Symposium “The art and design of XR”
@ National Gallery, Athens, GR

Crypto He(a)ven 3
Introduction and interview by Gemma Fantacci @VRAL

Such Stuff as Worlds are Made On
by David Mizzi, Think Magazine


A cross-disciplinary project journeys to other worlds

'Such Stuff as Worlds are Made On' explores possible inclusive futures.
by Times of Malta

Digital Serfs
by Kat Zavada and Luke Cassidy Greer 

Debatable Lands
unsthalle Exnergasse. WUK, Vienna, AT

Hunting for ghosts in the algorithms | Letta Shtohryn
by Teodor Reljic, Malta Today

Neither intelligent nor artificial
by Matteo Bittanti @Milan Machinima Festival

Being female in a world designed for men
by Fondazzjoni Kreattività, Times of Malta

Isle of a 1,000 Colonies
by Margerita Pule, Artpaper


by Institute for Networked Cultures. NL

Letta Shtohryn
@ZARATAN residency, Lisbon, PT

Object, Objetc, Objecc. 
Artists’ dialogue leads to multimedia exhibition

by Stephanie Fsadni , Times of Malta


Letta Shtohryn: garderoba wspomnień

Spotkania z artystami AIR Wro

by VisitWroclaw

Letta Shtohryn: textile memories

by Culture Zone Wrocław

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