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Monstrous encounters

Lois. Monstrous encounters (2022)
CGI world + three avatars (MoCap live stream data)

Created as part of Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer residency, the work is a collaboration with dancers : Bekka Heathcote (UK), Florinda Camilleri (MT), Lena Wolfe (NYC) and their projected live streamed avatars via motion capture suits.
The work was shown at Goldmiths (LDN) and online in November 2022 as part of residency showcase ev

The work focuses on a techno-bio collective attunement between the dancers and the viewers inside and outside of the digital-physical continuum.
The work reflects on the experiences in underground spaces, predominantly based on a factual-fictional story by Lois Jessup about her meeting of humanoid life forms in the depths of a neolithic temple in Malta in the 1930s. In part one of the work the performance occurred at the moment when isolated life forms leave the place of isolation and encounter the Primary World and one another. The monstrous self and the monstrous others experience inner and outer transformation of their body-mind states, questioning how to share experiences and relate to one another after a period of transformation and enormous change. Can some experiences be explained / related to at all? And whose voices are believed and considered valid? 


CGI world, conceptualisation, virtual camera, editing, coding Letta Shtohryn 
Dramaturgy Florinda Camilleri
Live Motion Capture dance Florinda Camilleri, Bekka Heathcote, Lena Wolfe

The residency was commissioned by Goldsmiths MoCap streamer
Support and Partners:
Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)
Goldsmiths (University of London)

Akram Khan Company
Alexander Whitley 

Lois.Monstrous encounters

Performance excerpt 02'35''

Full performance 10'05'' (Remote Mocap Live stream from UK + NYC > MT)

W/ Lena Wolfe (NYC), Florinda Camilleri(MT) and Bekka Heathcote (UK)

Residency showcase
Performance excerpt 03'13''
Full performance 10'05''

livestreamed from Florinda Camilleri (MT) + Bekka Heathcote (UK) -> Goldsmiths, University of London (UK) exhibitions space - > online
Residency showcase plus Q&A
Residency showcase trailer
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