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Before they delete this  ​

When we encounter what they call in a snobby manner ’a contemporary art exhibition’, we always have to ask some basic questions. Who is behind it, and what do they want to achieve? Is this another ‘project’ funded by the Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, like that carrot ice cream that turned everyone into leftists? Or some other dark money and another interest group come into play. Cryptoheaven – the name itself sounds suspicious, and you shouldn’t get fooled by complicated explanations about cryptocurrencies and other big words which confuse normal people. What we have here is a distraction from the real issue. 


It is the second time when ‘artist’ Letta Shtohryn focuses on Gerald Cotten’s death. Why is that you may ask? This questionable fascination suggests that she is somehow involved in the whole story. Who really is Shtohryn – the Ukrainian-born but Malta-based’ artist’? Malta is called the Panama of Europe. According to the mainstream BBC,” companies in Malta pay the lowest tax on profits of any country in the EU. Local businesses pay a 35% tax on profits, but foreign corporations pay as little as 5%.”. The fact that Shtohryn moved from Ukraine to Malta speaks for itself. This time with the so-called curator Kat Zavada (whose real name is Katarzyna Zawada, she moved from post-soviet Poland to the UK) they claim that they are ‘analysing’ conspiracy theories about Cotten’s death. But what they are presenting on has nothing in common with David Icke’s analytical research about conspiracies. We are dealing here with a mysterious Eastern group which aims at pulling the wool over our eyes. Am I suggesting that Shtohryn and Zavada have any direct agency? Not at all. They are just cogs in the machine. The question is, who is operating THE MA(RX?)CHINE?


On the surface, the ‘exhibition’ touches upon the story of Gerald Cotten. In the labyrinth of flashing objects and unpleasant pseudo-poems, we can barely get some basic information about what this whole thing is. On the 9th December 2018, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga CX suddenly died in India. Cotten personally held the passwords to customers’ digital wallets, thereby rendering $190 million lost or missing. Two weeks before Cotten died, he made his last will whereby almost all the money went to his new wife, Jennifer Robertson. On top of that, $100,000 was given to his two dogs. Don’t be tricked – it’s not about Cotten! His figure is just a pretext for spreading neo-Marxist propaganda. 

This iteration of Cryptoheaven in a specious way presents three major theories about Cotten. The first, that he died and that’s the end of the story. The second, he faked his death and Quadriga CX was a classic Ponzi scheme hidden behind some dubious technology. The third, Gerald Cotten wasn’t smart enough to prepare such an elaborate Machiavellian plan, and all of that is a merit of Michael Paltryn. If after clicking ‘enter the exhibition button’ you got overwhelmed and your main thought was ‘what am I looking at?’, don’t feel stupid – this is precisely how they want you to feel. Their main goal is to cause constant social changes to provoke confusion. 

As reported by a source close to the creators, Zavada and Shtohryn have been gathering details about Cotten’s death for the last six months. In unpublished correspondence, they described the investigation itself as a topic much more interesting than the Truth about Quadriga CX CEO. They claim it’s all about chasing the truth, not about the Truth itself. Yes… it’s puzzling and morally questionable. Some of Quadriga CX’s clients affected by the situation do not believe that they will get the money back, but the Eastern European duo does not care about it. What they care about is sowing chaos. They claim that solving this puzzle is a ‘game without a reward’. A ‘conspiracy theory’ without the crucial element – the last dot. What is more probable here is the attempt to conceal something. To violently take from us our principle – the holy Truth. 

The most obvious manifestation of the hidden agenda is the text about Before They Delete This which we can read on Zavada’s website (among other atrocities). The quote speaks for itself:

The status of the Truth in postmodern discourse is a blessing and a curse of the contemporaneity. The issues are too complex to apply the rigour of the binary rules. Despite that, humans are still on the romantic hunt for the Truth. We want to question the indisputability itself, but at the same time, we can not cope with the impact of post-truth on the areas which are the base of our existence – politics, economics, science.


We are dealing here with a deceitful endeavour to create bemusement. A trap in the form of a question mark placed next to the very existence of the Truth. What looks like a pseudo-intellectual joke is the first bullet shot out in the culture-war. The cornerstone of the New Dark Age ideological foundations. 


The Schrodinger’s Cat page with a blasphemous object – a mockery of the Ascension of Blessed Virgin Mary is another propaganda element. Based on the concept created in 1935 by a physicist, winner of the ‘Nobel Prize’, Erwin Schrödinger. The shady ‘thought experiment’ about a hypothetical cat which can be dead and alive at the same time is another nail hammered in the coffin of the highest value – the Truth. 


Let’s go back again to the disgraceful text written by the ‘curator’ to reveal another layer, to peep under the sheep’s clothing. 


The romantic hunt often ends in failure. What we call ‘the reality’ –– the Truth –– is more absurd than we were able to imagine. The Reality critics itself, therefore the critique has no longer any justification for its existence. The subversive tools such as irony fall out of our hands, or even if they stay, their cutting edges become blunt. The irony which mischievously takes for granted the impossible is now vulnerable in the unequal battle with The Post-criticality. The impossible does not exist anymore. How many times have you come up with a dystopian vision as a critique of a particular phenomenon to realise that the concept already exists?


What does that even mean? We know exactly what they have in mind when they talk about ‘subversive tools’ and towards what they want to direct their cutting edges. Family, honour – the universal values. The vision of the world dreamt by the eulogists of the neo-Marxist agenda – this is what we should call a dystopia! This is a normalisation of the world without rules and order veiled in the quasi-academic language. The nihilistic moral decay of the elite who look down on the majority. In Zavada’s text, we read:


The very best manifestation of the capability held by The Real to create elements which are wilder than fiction is the conspiracy theories which appeared to be true. Inconceivable CIA activities, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, Project Sunshine or the fact which sounds very tinfoil-hat-like – that most governments in the world are spying on their citizens whether it is for the sake of safety or other reasons. Conspiracy Theories help us stay vigilant and ask sometimes ridiculous, sometimes critical questions. Therefore, we should understand them as a social barometer – a litmus paper of our inner anxieties and desires. 


If after all the arguments above I haven’t convinced you that this ‘exhibition’ is one big lie and the Eastern duo want to attract people interested in the Gerald Cotten story to ensnare them, please have a look at another proof of their intentions. The first sentence of the paragraph below leaves us without a doubt. You thought that we defeated them, but it’s not true. Do not delude yourself; they are everywhere. They crawl out from the East to spread their newspeak about ‘class’. ‘Class struggle’... Sounds familiar. We know characters in history who used the same language, and we know exactly how it ended. 


Conspiracies are also a battlefield of the class struggle. To call somebody a conspiracist is an insult. Recently we have been able to observe that due to 5G implementation. When we speak about conspiracies sparked by new technologies, there is always a group of ‘backwards Luddites’, and opposite to them commonsensical, forward-thinking people. Even if anti-tech accusations sound ridiculous, the acceleration of technological development speeded to the point where the chase appears to be ineffectual. Consequently, citizens have very little control over new solutions and their implementation. As opposed to the pharmaceutical or food industry, the process of tech implementation is relatively short. The neoliberal start-up dynamic allowed everybody to be an entrepreneur – come with an idea which can save the world or cause damage to society. Together with the tech giants, which have the most agency in the field, they set the rules of the game – our daily life. The room for an inclusive discussion shrinks more and more, resulting in the growth of conspiracy theories.  

Attention! We are entering the core of the Evil. If anyone loses vigilance here, they can be easily BRAINWASHED. It’s a trap. They create a narrative as they were full of compassion, such a perfidious pretence. Cultural bolshevism is woven with hypocrisy. And let me remind you once again – the ‘project’ is supposed to be about Gerald Cotten. Shtohryn and Zavada used his story to fool us, infect us with the pseudo-intellectual poison. The poison of this nonsense:

Despite the fact that Silicon Valley is flooded by the New-Age-like wave, what is a trendy lifestyle for some, it is shameful for others. What New Age and conspiracies have in common is the promise of comfort. We all can get carried away by private or collective apophenia and seek non-existing signs, meanings and interconnections. Because at the end of this path, there is hope for comforting fulfilment after connecting all the dots or being part of something bigger. 

Their technique is to repeat unconfirmed information and questionable ideas so many times that they get engraved in people’s brains. They want to cover their conspiracy with ‘apophenia’ – a confusing term coined by Klaus Conrad to make us look like we are out of the mind. We know that there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything has got a beginning and an end. A reason and result. One needs just to search for it. Search for the Truth.

The central part of the Reddit investigation about Gerald Cotten is based on digital evidence. The credibility of the doctor who had signed Cotten’s death certificate was questioned due to his not fully filled out LinkedIn profile. If you received an email from a stranger and you were not able to google their details– what would you think? That it is a scam. A bot? We put faith in digital evidence – despite the growing numbers of deep fakes and other types of mystifications. Disregarding the fact that the internet is decaying – the web 2.0 era is the worst documented time in the history of our civilisation. Do we have nothing but digital? Or do we have nothing?

To plot against decent people, they use sophisticated technology marked by the Beast, and they spread disinformation by controlling the mainstream media. The technology obsession, as well as artificial device perversion, are reasons for family damage, addiction and modern diseases. The dirty fingers pointed towards innocent citizens are a method to distract public attention from the neo-Marxists’ sins. 


Cotten’s wife-widow did not agree for the exhumation of his body. Therefore, if we can not examine the physical body, we have to focus on the digital one. Gerry, as all of us internet users – left elements of his digital-self scattered around. Gerry as a ‘Data Being’ – is at the same time reduced and extended (Zavada, 2020).

The vision of the human straight from science-fiction movies – half-person, half-computer – aims to seduce teenagers and puts a spoke in the civilisation wheel which has been working for ages thanks to the natural order. Their ideological architect, Marx, drew this picture in the book full of bolshevik lies – The Capital. They want to play God, but we will not play their evil game. With the help of our allies, we will win. The great awakening is coming. 



The text is a manifestation of the Interrogative Conspiracy Theory method proposed by the curator as a form of research. The performative text Before they delete this is a conspiracy theory about the exhibition with the same title.

The imaginary conspiracy theory is inspired by the Cultural Marxism Theory, Alt-Right narratives, QAnon phenomenon and an interview with vice-director of Zamek Ujazdowski – a prominent contemporary art institution in the capital of Poland – Warsaw. The representative of Zamek Ujazdowski, Krystyna Różańska-Gorgolewska, warned about ideological threads behind contemporary art during a discussion titled Contemporary art – how it affects youths?.


Read more on the method in the ‘About’ section.


Zavada, K. (2020, August 5). Data Beings.
Retrieved from Kat Zavada:          

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